National Assisted Living Week: Capture the Moment!


National Assisted Living Week, which was established in 1995 by the National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL), is a weeklong observance that was created to bring awareness about the positive impact that assisted living facilities have on local communities, residents, and their families. It’s also a time to celebrate the special relationships that form between assisted living staff members and the residents they care for.

“Assisted living caregivers help seniors…by supporting them with everyday tasks, maximizing their independence, and honoring their individuality,” said Scott Tittle, NCAL Executive Director.

This year’s National Assisted Living Week is September 9th—15th and is themed “Capture the Moment”. The theme is meant to inspire seniors, caregivers, family members, and friends to take pictures together and make lasting memories. As always, be sure to have the residents’ consent prior to snapping any photos or recording any videos.

Ways You Can Capture the Moment

There are lots of fun ways you can capture the moment with a senior loved one during National Assisted Living Week, including:

Video Calls. Technology has made it increasingly convenient to keep in contact with loved ones who live far away, and sharing a video call with an older adult in an assisted living community is a great way to celebrate this week. When spending time with your senior loved one, place a video call to a family member from your cellphone, laptop, or tablet and enjoy being “virtually” together!

Reminiscing with Old Pictures. Looking over old family photos or videos is a heartwarming way to spend time with a senior loved one. Oftentimes, older adults will be inspired to share stories and memories from the past, some of which you may not have heard before!

Taking a Day Trip. Going on a day trip is always fun for assisted living residents. If their health permits, take your senior loved one out to lunch at their favorite restaurant, for a stroll through a museum, or on a scenic drive along the Florida coast. Be sure to take photographs along the way!

Taking a Selfie Together. You don’t have to make special plans during National Assisted Living Week to capture a special moment. Simply visiting with an older adult and taking a few selfies together will create lots of love, fun, and memories you can cherish for years to come.

Whether you live or work in an assisted living community, or whether you have a loved one who lives or works in an assisted living community, National Assisted Living Week is a special time to express gratitude and appreciation for all, and to capture beautiful moments together, this week and always.

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